Bar in São Paulo

Bar in São Paulo – Description / text

This project illustrates the undergoing gentrification process in several areas of Lisbon: an old printing house giving way to a bar intended to, besides its normal purpose, become a place for cultural experimentation and diffusion.
For the same space, the clients have aims as specific as contradictory: how can a restaurant for light meals transfigure into a tea house, a beat box, a projection room or a stage for private happenings? Instead of the conventional answer – a neutral structure that passively absorbs any event – we designed a set of autonomous objects of ephemeral appearance that suggest an open dialogue between themselves, as an unfinished decor. Each of these objects contains a functional unit – kitchen, storage, counter, lavatories, etc. – and has its own functional, volumetric and constructive logic.


De Stijl




Lisbon, Portugal
2010 - 2011
Built Area
78 m²
Site Area
78 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Tiago Garrido, Eliana Gonçalves and Christoph Schwander