Casa no Príncipe Real

Casa no Príncipe Real – Description / text

Located a few metres from the Garden of Príncipe Real in Lisbon, this 41 m² plot allows the construction of a small 5-storey urban house for a family.

The exiguity of the plot has led us to a scheme where each floor has a different function and layout and all floors connect through a vertical atrium of variable geometry, providing a naturally-lit cadenced, progressive route. In addition to its spatial qualities, the atrium works as a thermal chimney for passive cooling during spring and summer and allows air renewal throughout the year.

The building's skin is a contemporary approach to the tiles covering the former building, which was in advanced state of decay. We defined a set of abstract rules to transform the original tile's motif in an abstract pattern, embodied in 3 distinct media: a flat-tile base, a bas-relief-tile body and a perforated-steel, light-permeable, entablature.

Hard as it would be to plan a typical construction site in such a small plot, we opted for a light steel construction system - LSF - which has an excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It is the first building in Lisbon made with this system.


The print on the original tile is converted into an ocean green bas-relief on the new tile.




Espaços & Casas

Espaços & Casas T7 E2 - Weekly report on architecture aired on SIC Notícias (national TV broadcaster). Casa no Príncipe Real appears between 07:05 min and 11:50 min.

Casa Report

Casa Report T2 E22 - Weekly report on architecture aired on RTP3 (national TV broadcaster). Casa no Príncipe Real appears between 01:29 min and 05:15 min.

Ascer Award 2014

Short documentary by Sergio Romero presented during the Ascer Architecture Award ceremony in Valencia, Spain.


Lisbon, Portugal
2007 - 2013
Built Area
205 m²
Site Area
41 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Tiago Garrido and Jonas Grinevicius

Nelson Garrido