Fanqueiros – Description / text

This building, which occupies Fanqueiros Street numbers 212 to 224, remains faithful to Carlos Mardel and Eugénio dos Santos's original design - lower floors with vaulted ceilings and upper floors with wooden cage incorporated in masonry walls - except for the introduction, at the beginning of the 20th century, of several steel beams to adapt the building to a textile warehouse. To the rear, the building faces a large containing wall that overcomes the gap between Fanqueiros Street and Madalena Street. Against this wall, 3 small courtyards draw some natural light and air renewal.

Our client commissioned us a feasibility study to renovate the building while maintaining the retail and housing functions.

The structural change of the early 20th century and the continued lack of maintenance left the building in a very severe state of degradation, which allowed us to assume a greater degree of freedom than usual in Baixa. The central courtyard receives a panorama lift, which safeguards the entrance of natural light and air renewal. The apartments have different sizes and format and all open onto the main façade. The most surprising apartments are perhaps the 2-bedroom on the 1st floor, where spaces are organized in a "pavilion" under the vaulted ceilings, and the upper 3-bedroom, which adapts to the geometry of the roof.

At the end of the feasibility study our client sold the building to another investor for a higher price.

Marques Rodrigues


Lisbon, Portugal
2014 - 2015
Built Area
1546 m²
Site Area
311 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Sebastien Alfaiate and Joana Ramos