About Us

Camarim was founded in 2007 by Vasco Matias Correia and Patrícia Ferreira de Sousa, following the commission to design a holiday home in Brazil.

Our work is published in international magazines, books and documentaries – including The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (BBC, Netflix) and Les Échos du Vent (France 5) – and has been the subject of academic studies in Australia, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, among others.


We approach each project as an exercise in observation and research into the design brief and its physical and cultural context.

We seek renewed ways of exploring the fundamental themes of architecture of today and always, absorbing references from erudite, vernacular and popular culture and architecture.

We see architecture as indispensable to the full physical and spiritual fulfilment of the human condition.


We operate on a wide range of design briefs, budgets and scales, on new buildings, existing buildings and product design.

We work in dialogue with clients, specialists, contractors and planning authorities, in an open iterative process.

We develop each project until all its parts are clearly controlled, and we remain actively involved in its construction.