Café Malaca

Café Malaca – Description / text

Café Malaca is a successful restaurant with a magnificent view over the Tagus River and a negligé atmosphere that attracted a specific clientele. The client contacted us with the aim of overhauling the space whilst maintaining its character.

How to preserve Café Malaca's flair? We talked to the client and her customers and visited the space many times till we isolated a set of qualities that the refurbished space should incorporate, as well as the problems and limitations that should be solved with the refurbishment.

A diagonal wall divides services from public space. This diagonal accommodates, to one side, a sequence of stocking, preparation, cooking and presentation areas and to the other side eating areas with several degrees of intimacy, without breaking the archetypical warehouse space. The roof structure is formed by a sequence of wooden trusses of variable geometry according to their point of intersection with the diagonal wall. We open 2 roof windows to let light in to specific points in the space and to allow the cool river breeze to sweep the restaurant during summer.




Lisbon, Portugal
2010 - 2011
Built Area
159 m²
Site Area
159 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Jonas Grinevicius and Christoph Schwander