São Julião

São Julião – Description / text

This building is part of the 1755 Master Plan but suffered several significant changes throughout its life and today it conceals, behind the original façade, a great heterogeneity in floor layout, structure, materials and uses. The clients want to transform it in a serviced apartments building but want to leave the option of long-term lettings open.

The existing stairs serve 2 apartments per floor via a small landing and after the renovation we will have 3 to 4 apartments per floor - served by stairs and lift - and so we extend the landing transforming it into a gallery that circles the stairs and brings natural light. The gallery allows total apartment layout flexibility: we can have 6 small apartments on one floor and 2 large apartments on the floor above; if the clients choose to adjust the building to long-term lettings we can join or divide apartments more easily.

The apartments explore a dialogue between traditional elements that can still be restored and new elements dressed in materials and colours that evoke the 1755 interiors with a new construction and spatial logic.

1-bed apartment
2-bed apartment




Lisbon, Portugal
Built Area
1400 m²
Site Area
215 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Tiago Garrido