Take Tejo

Take Tejo – Description / text

Kartell invited us to reinvent an object from their catalogue with Lisbon in mind to be exhibited during the opening of their first store in the city.

Take Tejo is an exploration of Lisbon’s light - glows and reflections arranged in a complex continuity - through the table lamp designed by Ferrucio Laviani.

Lisbon has a history-loaded urban fabric but one doesn’t need know anything about the city to have a thrilling visual experience.

Lisbon is nostalgic by default but she’s had several interruptions to that state of mind during which geo-referential icons emerged. Icons that assemble in multiple skylines depending on the belvedere, square, street or interstice from which we see them, juxtaposed in a persistent and intriguing landscape.

We didn’t want to draw Lisbon on the lamp nor the lamp on Lisbon; we tried to bond lamp and Lisbon as parts of the same organism, matter from the same landscape, aspects of the same vision.

Take Tejo has travelled across several exhibition rooms in Portugal.

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Dimensions LWH
586 X 569 X 1788 mm
MDF, acrylic, Kartell Take table lamp and aluminium