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TMX3 – Description / text

Our client wants to shape her duplex to her lifestyle: it must be a retreat from her busy working life and a place to enjoy her equally busy social life. The existing apartment has windows on the front façade only and most spaces don’t receive direct natural light. The attic - with a single dormer window – is low and oppressive.

This renovation creates the opportunity to increase the attic’s living area and bring abundant natural light to all spaces: we lift the posterior part of the roof from its apex and replace the existing roof tiles by high-density transparent polycarbonate, illuminating 30% of the roof’s surface and creating a 2nd living room with the atmosphere of a winder garden. A cross cut in the attic’s floor creates a mezzanine that lets natural light reach the lower floor, once the darkest place in the apartment. A double-height fitted cabinet houses the kitchen on the lower floor and a wardrobe on the upper floor. A set of polycarbonate plans between bedroom and living room contains the closet and the stairs ensuring privacy without blocking natural light. Above the roof, a steel portico creates a roof terrace - the 3rd living room.

The dialogue between old and new, natural and artificial, is sudden yet not violent because no time of building, construction technique, material or shape is preponderant over others.





2012 - Present
Built Area
148 m²
Site Area
148 m²

Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa
Tiago Garrido