Table No. 2

When we were commissioned to design a dining set, we found that most tables and chairs that we know have a lot of joints and fastenings. We understand that this complication may be required to produce a durable chair but we nonetheless want to avoid it.

Table No. 2 works around this problem because it isn’t built: it’s a pair of steel ribbons bent and fixed to themselves to achieve a comfortable and sturdy geometry. These ribbons have a more robust or more delicate appearance according to their perspective.

Title Table No. 2
Use Dining Set
Dimensions LWH - Table 2000 x 800 x 700 mm
Dimensions LWH - Chairs 420 x 400 x 805 mm
Materials - Table polished stainless steel and frosted acrylic glass
Materials - Chairs polished stainless steel and cushioned dyed leather
Date 2011
Images Camarim